an easier way to collect
group apparel orders...
mySHIRTsize is an online ordering system developed by The Art Press to help group leaders collect sizes and payments for apparel orders. If you are in charge of a group, contact to setup a custom form or learn how we can assist you.
if you’re in charge of a
team or a group...
mySHIRTsize is designed to help anyone who manages apparel orders. It has enough flexibility to be tailored to your needs. It’s perfect for: athletic directors, event managers, youth pastors, designers, companies, bands, fraternities, and more!
saves time and money,
need we say more?
saves time- collect sizes and payments quicker and more accurately, just email them the link and your job is done.
save money- order only what you’ve received payments for, no overstock! Also get better printing rates when you group order.
more features: time-based, integrates with Google Spreadsheets, email or text notifications, accept VISA, MasterCard & Paypal.
free in most cases...
inexpensive in others
Pricing varies on your account type and use of mySHIRTsize. In most cases you will not be charged anything. Our standard form setup fee is $99, or $49 for individuals and non-profits. The fee is reimbursed if you sell 100+ products. Extensively custom forms will cost more.
You can use mySHIRTsize to break even on orders, or you can markup the cost for a profit. If you markup the cost, we'll cut you a check for the difference when we complete your order.
see how others use our
online ordering system
We are in the early filming stages of these case-study videos and will post them as soon as they are ready!
promote your event
with no overhead
If you have an event that you'd like to sell t-shirts at but don't want to make the investment, you can use our event handling service. The Art Press will help you with a design, live samples, a mySHIRTsize order form and order fulfillment before and after the event. You can order a few samples for the table and sell reorders with mySHIRTsize or use mySHIRTsize as a backup in case you sell out of your product during the event.